How to deal with a call girl when you are a beginner

Dealing with a call girl is not an easy job, and everyone has to go through this icebreaking thing as a first timer. It can go a little smoother if you have sex earlier. Difficulty arrives when you are a virgin and never had any girlfriend. The awkward silence and shitty sex are not what you have paid the call girl, did you?

The first mistake people do is to assume that the escort girl is dumb. Well no! Most of the city escort girls come from a good background, and their wit often outruns the client’s brain. So, if you are a first timer in trying an escort service, you have to be honest. Do not pretend something or someone that you are not because escort girls deal with men like you every day. Thus, be honest and tell her what you expect of her.

The next step towards dealing an escort girl is breaking the ice. Talk with the girl; do not treat her like an object. Ask her about her job or her background etc. It is essential not to demean their jobs. A nice gesture and an honest confession can melt any high-class escort girl.

Don’t be scared! It is okay to let her know that it is your first time but never let them know that you are afraid. Once they smell the fear, they will try to rob you blank. So, be careful if the girl asks for more money as tips. And even if you are scared, do not let it show on your face. Be a little subtle and play your word while talking to the escort girls.

And if you are a new client, it is not a good idea to invite the escort at your home. Go to any hotel or anywhere else, it will be better that way. Also, know all the laws about call girls and escorts. Last but not the least; never forget to read the policy of the escort agency from where you are hiring the girl for the night.

Once you master all these tricks, it is not a big deal to handle an escort. Be straightforward and ask what you desire. Doha girls are players, and they can play with your body like no one else. Never miss that chance. Have fun!